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Purify O3 Elite uses ozone (activated oxygen) technology to sanitize sleep accessories and reusable device components.  Ozone disinfection is one of the most widely used methods today to disinfect and sanitize in a number of industries including medical facilities, public water purification, food process, and hotel/office housekeeping industries.  


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $219.00

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Rest Easy with Purify O3 Elite

Peace of Mind

Purify O3 Elite's efficacy is third-party verified by an independent testing laboratory to disinfect 99.99% of germs and bacteria when used as directed. You can rest easy knowing your accessories are clean with Purify O3 Elite.

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Purify O3 Elite is compact and lightweight, weighing only .5 pounds. Designed to sanitize and store in the included dual-purpose case, Purify O3 Elite makes disinfection of accessories easy, both at home or while away.


FDA Registered Third party tested for efficacy

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Visual progress indicator ring, tracks time remaining during disinfection cycle.

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Compact, lightweight design

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No hidden costs - includes everything needed to sanitize

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Short 35 minute sanitizing cycle

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Disinfects with ozone technology

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Includes sanitizing and storage case

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Universal design - for use with all PAP accessories and reusable medical equipment

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Ultra quiet sanitizing cycle

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The only all-in-one solution on the market.  Purify O3 Elite is designed for use with all accessories and tubing.  The Purify O3 Elite kit includes everything needed to disinfect reusable supplies including: Purify O3 Elite sanitizer, charging cable with plug, tubing adapter and a dual-purpose storage and sanitizing case.

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INTUITIVE controls

  • Single on/off touch sensor activates disinfection cycle by simply covering the sensor for 3 seconds.

  • Illuminated ring tracks cycle's completion progress.

  • Battery life indicator light 



  • Universal design works with most accessories.  

  • Ideal for use with reusable devices such as tubing, masks, nebulizers, Tees, etc.

  • Short 35 minute disinfection cycle*


*Additional 90 minute rest period after the sanitizing cycle required to allow residual ozone to dissipate.  Note: Purify O3 Elite is not recommended to sanitize CPAP/BiPAP Machines. It is designed to disinfect accessories only.


  • Unlike other devices on the market, Purify O3 Elite has no hidden costs of ownership. 

  • No pre-wash solutions, replacement bags, or extra filters required.

  • Purify O3 Elite includes all you need to sanitize your accessories in one affordable kit. 

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How to use

A comprehensive Purify O3 Elite Instruction Manual is also available for download in PDF format for reference.

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pap accessories and reusable medical device Disinfection

​1. Disconnect mask and tubing from machine.

2. Use a cleansing wipe or damp clean cloth to lightly surface clean accessories of any residue, as per the manufacturer's   


3. Empty water from humidification chamber.

1. Connect the tubing to the Purify O3 Elite unit and place sanitizer, mask, tubing and/or humidification chamber inside the supplied sanitizing/travel case.

2. Touch and hold On/Off button for 3-4 seconds to turn on Purify O3 Elite sanitizer.  The unit will beep once and the green light will illuminate to indicate the device is now active and in use. Ozone will begin streaming.  Ensure the mask/tubing and Purify O3 are inside the sanitizing case.

3. Zip case fully closed. The sanitizing cycle for Purify O3 is approximately 35 minutes in length.  When complete, the unit will beep 5 once and power off.  After the cleaning cycle is finished, allow the unit to remain in the closed case for an additional 90 minutes to allow the residual ozone to dissipate.



To stop the sanitation process mid-cycle, touch and hold the On/Off button for 4-5 seconds.  The unit will signal the cancellation with a long beep and power off.  Re-seal case.  Allow unit to sit in closed case for at least 90 minutes to allow ozone to dissipate.

*NOTE: Purify O3 Elite is not intended for use as a disinfector for the CPAP/BiPAP machine or other devices.


  • Operate only in a well-ventilated area. Do not breathe or ingest the ozone.

  • Do not use your equipment for at least 90 minutes after sanitation is complete to allow remaining ozone to dissipate.

  • Ensure Purify O3 Elite and all equipment to be disinfected is placed in the closed sanitizing bag during the sanitation cycle.

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